"Keep Dark - Inaugural Exhibition"
April 30th - June 23rd , 2009
Dvorak Sec Contemporary, Prague, Czech Republic

Displayed in the second part of the gallery will be “Keep Dark”—an international group show curated by Olga Dvorak ideated especially for the opening of Dvorak Sec Contemporary. The group exhibition aims to extend the exhibition reach by inviting the public to engage with what we feel are the most dynamic, exciting and progressive artworks by artists living today. “Keep Dark” features painting, sculpture, installation, photography and new media by some of today's leading artists as well as the most promising work by the up-and-coming generation.

The artists’ works are multidimensional and multilayered, what they share are the almost paradoxical references in their exploration of theme. Their subversive, incisive and often humorous commentaries on the subject create a very varied imagery. The infinite, the transcendental, the unseen and visions of our hidden and secret fantasies — these are the artistic quests of “Keep Dark”, an exhibition that gives colourful expression to the mystical yearnings of a new generation.

The show develops from cosmos to Cosmopolitan to fetish. It explores trance, “alternative” realities and the psyche, who tap into altered states of consciousness through visionary colour, mind-altering patterns, morphing forms, and visions of the infinite. At the interface of reality and fiction the images and installations extend to spacial floating forms. Formal experiments with futurist materials prove their visual metropolitan background and test sustainable formmodels. Inspired by wishes, fantasmatas, “Keep Dark” presents contemporary artistic positions that melt the monochrome atmosphere of our post-industrial times with their visions of the present.

The art works in the exhibition mix a formal language that is reduced to the elementary with a strong consciousness for the presence thus creating a specific aesthetics. The show reflects an existential search for truth that is never complete but a fragmented, complicated, multi-sided, not absolute one that at the same time proves to be full of unknown escapes and possibilities. artists in exhibition:

Oliver Marsden (UK), Jiří David(CZ), David Černy (CZ), In Sook Kim (KR), Klára Bémová(CZ), Pavel Šmíd(CZ), Marek Kvetan(SK), Jakub Špaňhel (CZ), Štěpánka Šimlová (CZ), Shih Chieh Huang (TW), Dean Goelz (USA), Ondřej Brody (CZ), Martin Sedlák (SK), Viktor Frešo(SK), Vik Muniz (BRA), Richard Stipl (CZ), Simmons & Burke (USA), Jenny Holzer (USA), Martin Di Girolamo(ARG), Richard Skrepl(CZ), and Milan Dobeš(CZ)

Dvorak Sec Contemporary